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What is Za'atar?

Za’atar (pronounced zar-tar), also called biblical hyssop, is a wild thyme-like herb found throughout the Mediterranean. It is has been linked to a wide range of health benefits; contains antioxidants, antiseptic properties, anti-fungal agents and vitamins A. C, E and K. Research has found za'atar enhances cognitive function and memory, strengthens the immune system and lowers inflammation.

3 Handcrafted Za'atar Creek Varieties

1. Classic - za'atar, sumac, sesame seeds & salt

2. Spicy - classic + rosemary, chilli & garlic
3. Seeds - classic + pumpkin & sunflower seeds



How to use za'atar

  • Dip fresh bread in olive oil and then za'atar. Enjoy.

  • Season feta, labneh, cream cheese, dips, avocado, eggs, salads, rice, or quinoa. Sprinkle over potatoes & cauliflower before baking.

  • Coat & crust fish, chicken, seafood before panfrying or grilling.

  • Mix equal parts olive oil and za'atar and spread thinly on pita bread before baking. Top with cheese and grill or top with thick Greek yogurt, mint, shallots, cucumber, tomato & baby spinach. Fold and enjoy.


What Is Zaatar?