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LOOFAHS are made by nature.  They are a vine-grown fruit called gourd (similar to a cucumber) and naturally left out in the sun to dry out. A 100% natural plant product.


The Beauty Loofah is an amazing product

  • exfoliates and removes dead skin
  •  promotes blood circulation
  •  deeply cleans body 
  •  biodegradable 
  • eco-friendly 
  • unbleached
  • no chemical or toxins


SIZE: approx. 14 x 12cm x 3cm (each sponge is unique in shape)


Directions: Use in the bath or shower to exfoliate and cleanse.

  • Rinse loofah in warm water for a few minutes before use. The loofah is a little stiff the first time, but it will soften after a few uses.
  • Rub gently but firmly in circular motions against your skin.
  • Clean with water to wash off the soap, squeeze out excess water and hang out dry
  • Store in a dry, sunny environment with good airflow.


Other Uses: 

  • Dish sponge for gentle cleaning. Loofah sponges gently wipe oils and stains without scratching surfaces. 
  • Excellent bath scrubbers 
  • Flowerpots
  • Pet toys
  • Decorative crafts 


Best to replace loofah regularly, every 1 - 2months.



BEAUTY LOOFAH: Exfoliator and Deep Cleanser

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