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Includes : 

1. ZA'ATAR CREEK - 150g Classic Spice Blend - A delicious herb & spice dukkah that's full of antioxidants.  


2ZA'ATAR CREEK - 150g  Spicy or seeds Blend - A delicious herb & spice dukkah that's full of antioxidants.


3. Handmade Olive Oil Soap - Handmade Aleppo soap made from Olive Oil, Lye and Water. Perfect for the face, hair and body. No perfumes or added chemicals. Good for the earth and good for your body. (Each soap bar is unique in shape. Approx 7cm x 7cm x 4cm and long-lasting)


4.  Large Wooden Bowl - 10cm diameter for dipping ( mix oilve oil and vinegar/glaze in one and use the other for Za'atar.


5. Medium Wooden Bowl - 9cm diameter for dipping 


6. Wild Flower Native Waratah Tea Towel - Maxwell & Williams 100% Cotton 


7. 250ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil - grown in Riverina, NSW by Morella Grove.


8. 100ml Cherry Balsamic Vinegar - from the Riverina made by Morella Grove - an Australia Company that grows outstanding olive trees using chemically free and best environmental practices.


9.  Beauty Loofa - made from 100% plant vegetable. Perfect for washing and exfoliating.  


10. Roasted Chickpeas and Almonds - Dry roastered and no other ingredients. Australian ingredients.


11. Cinnamon Bark Bundle - 13cm x 3 cinnamon sticks


All 11 beautiful items are  packed n a brown natural gift box. 



Ultimate Gift Pack

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